She’s Makin’ a List; Checkin’ it Twice!

Feliz Navidad, my friends!

Hope you’ve all had the loveliest of Christmas with friends and family!

Christmas was super quiet here in my little world; close family and a best friend here from Montreal completed that special day. And now I can’t believe it’s over…not that I should be surprised. Every year I stand in shock at the close of this holiday…in some ways I really do wish Christmas would last forever. I do.

But since it can’t last forever, I’m very thankful that I chose to milk it for all it was worth. Remember that list I made back in November? It worked out pretty well. I missed a few points but for the most part I followed my little heart and rocked out December!

Let’s see here…

1) Write meaningful Christmas cards to the people who touch my life, and really take a moment to thank them for the ways they bless me.


2) Try some new recipes for Christmas cookies and give them away to people who would never expect it, like the sweet couple who own the cafe where I work.


3) Go to the Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, Washington (anyone up for it?)


4) Put up Christmas lights on the cottage.


5) Make one Christmas craft per week and share that time with people I don’t often see.


6) Take lots and lots of pictures, especially when no one is looking.


7) Go shopping at North Gate Mall and spend at least 2 weekends in Seattle.

CHECK!…okay okay, HALF check. I went once—but we stayed for a long long time so that counts right??

8 ) Ride the Stanley Park Christmas Train.

Umm…next year anyone?

9) Go to Starbucks alone and get a hot Christmasy drink and people-watch.


10 ) Watch every single Christmas movie possible. 


11) Go to Chapters and read all the children’s Christmas stories and enjoy (rather than be annoyed by) the little kids playing at the train table.


12) Allow myself to feel the overwhelming emotions of the true meaning of Christmas. 


13) Listen to O Holy Night and try to recapture the complete peace I felt when I spent Christmas in South Africa.


14) Buy fake snow in a can and go nuts on my 4 precious windows at the cottage (they are the perfect kind of windows for it, with wooden slats dividing them into 9 little squares). Sigh…I am so in love with my house.

Sigh…I totally wish I had done this. But to be fair, every time I have a shower the windows steam up and it LOOKS like fake snow?? No? Doesn’t count?

15) Blast Mary’s Boy Child (gotta love Boney M!) and dance like a crazy person. No matter who is watching. 


16) Go to a Christmas music concert featuring the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The Nutcracker would also be good if an alternate plan is needed. 


17) Call my best South African friend Laura-Loo and tell her how much she means to me.


18) Try to find the kind of Christmas lights that plug into cigarette lighters…I’ve always been jealous of all those sweet holiday rides!

No can do…But I DID put up reindeer antlers and a rudolph nose…although by the end of week 1 I was down to one antler, and now my car is sporting just Rudolph’s nose…note to self, don’t open windows next year!

19) Go to the Vancouver Christmas Market! 


20) Find a tiny (fake) tree that fits perfectly in my tiny cottage.


21) Make popcorn strings for said tiny tree.

Next year!

22) Create a Christmas 2011 time capsule…as most of you know, I am in a very very verydifferent place than I was last Christmas. Who knew that life would change so drastically in one little year? This time I want to document it all; write letters to myself and capture memories with photos…and tuck it all away until Christmas 2012.


23) Finally make it to the Annual Abbotsford Christmas Tree Lighting…in the 8 years I have lived here I have not yet made it!

Super sick that day 😦

24) Sponsor an Angel Tree child. Or two.


25) Love more. Hands down.


A few pics for you:

# 3: The Lights of Christmas…

# 4: Put up Christmas lights on the cottage…

# 11: Go to Chapters and read all the children’s Christmas stories and enjoy (rather than be annoyed by) the little kids playing at the train table…

# 19: Go to the Vancouver Christmas Market

# 20: Find a tiny (fake) tree that fits perfectly in my tiny cottage…
# 16: Go to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra…
This was seriously one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard and seen before—I highly recommend the VSO and hope you ALL can see them live one day!
So this is Christmas, and even though it was busy and a little stressful, it was incredibly rewarding! As a side note, the Five Corners Christmas production I was in went very well and was definitely a huge highlight of my year! And the kids production? Oh my word…those kids totally rocked my world! I have never been prouder of a mish-mashed group of little kids in my life—all ages, all sizes, all levels of abilities, but the same HEART! 
I love how bored they all look 😉 I promise I made it a lot funner than they are making it seem! Final rehearsals are never all that exciting!
There is nothing sweeter on this earth than the innocence of grateful kids…I feel so blessed to have been a part of something SO awesome this Christmas!
At the end of the VSO concert the narrator closed with this Irish Blessing. And did I ever tear up…enjoy these final precious days of 2011 and know you are loved…
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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