blühen: to bloom

When we were in California in March, we spent our last day cruising around in the Camry (haha, because we’re just that cool) checking out the mansions in Bel Air and Beverly Hills. And although the highlight of that Cali trip for me was definitely Disneyland (and I can think of 2 little girls who will agree with me), for Nikki, that day we spent trespassing and meeting random owners of those little giant pieces of heaven was her favourite day. We stared up in wonder at real-life mansions…HUGE houses with elevators and “staff” and BMW’s in the pull-through driveways and gates and video-surveillance systems. It was overwhelming, really. I can’t even begin to imagine living in such a house.

We’ll call this one…Gwen Stefani’s house.

While those places were very nice and would probably be a blast to live in, I would take one of these places in a heartbeat over a mansion any day. These are garden homes near the pool I swim in here in Bremerhaven. People aren’t technically supposed to live in them, but they do anyways. If I thought my cottage was cute, it was only because I hadn’t seen these yet!

Welcome to a modern day Garden of Eden…

Compared to the size of the dog, you can really see how tiny these houses are. If you can even call them houses!

(this one is my favourite)

It would be like living in a storybook, wouldn’t it? And of course, the icing on the cake, a little community garage sale going on at the entrance to the cottages…there was music playing and children laughing, and if I had a friend there with me I would have insisted on being pinched to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

When I think of these little homes compared with the mansions of Bel Air, one thing really stands out to me…these places are SO incredibly far from perfect, and that almost makes them perfect. If that makes any sense. I didn’t see manicured lawns or multi-million dollar cars behind these little gates…I saw hard work and love and care and people tending their precious roses because they love gardening…not because they want to impress the guy next door. Pretty cool.

So for those of you who, like me, have yet to put a downpayment on your first home, consider moving here and buying a fairytale cottage—maybe we will be neighbours : ) Oh, and if you know anything about gardening, you can live with me and I will give you a break on the rent 😉



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