My Entourage


Mom and Gramma

Marcy and Nick

The Honorary Little Sisters

My wonderful Step-Dad, Brian

Chester the Magnificent!

My fabulous nieces Jenna and Little Tina

My right-hand girl, Nicki (friends for 23 years and counting)

Side-kick, Hannah (Myranda, Mandy)

Nikki, but more commonly and affectionately known as Thelma or Thelmie

Ever-encouraging Linds ❤

The loveliest South African best friend a girl could ever ask for, Laura (Laurie, Laura-Loo)

Beautiful Anna-Marie (Ree) and handsome little Kai

The ever-faithful Tamara and Evelyn

So now you’ve met my posse; the people who fuel me on a daily basis. You will likely hear about them often throughout my writings. Not to take away from my other dear friends who mean the world as well. You know exactly who you are. I am a very blessed girl and I will never fully grasp the reasons behind it.

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